Welcome to Ashi

Composer, musician, recording artist and producer.

Having spent many years studying the ancient practice of yoga and meditation. My world music is inspired by these ancient practices as it is by life.
My music is experimental, world, new age, ethnic, electronic, ambient and spiritual, sometimes uplifting and sometimes moving. Albums released - Spirit Woman, Sacred Space, Ancient Rituals and The Orphic and China Garden and can all be found at New World Music Limited, itunes and Amazon, as well as many other places.
My forth album I'm delighted to say is Sacred Space and can be found at New World Music UK.
Any questions please email me.

Ashi is also writing, producing and performing for artists such as B52's front man

Fred Schneider, Donna Destri, Miss Guy and Steven Jones. 

Albums by Ashi

China Garden - my first album...

ETERNITY by Ashi - teaser for the new album L'eternity

Ancient Rituals is released by New World Music and can be found at
The Orphic by Ashi is on itunes or cdbaby at

Feel featuring B52's front man Fred Schneider and New York's Donna Destri with music by Ashi


Ashi's music is used on the fantastic and eye opening documentary by Adrian Parker  who takes you on an investigative journey through Canada's largest city of Toronto, and it's restaurant and supermarket inspection system.
Watch and get ready to have your eyes opened, wide, very wide.

Purify featuring Miss Guy, Donna Destri, Steven Jones and music by Ashi

The haunting Celebration of the Spirit, a performance from Sacred Space, the album by Ashi on New World Music

Purify Epic version - Eternal Damnation

Love and Light - Ashi



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